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Lustbader's latest in the Jack McClure series opens with a bang when McClure receives a call from his boss, Dennis Paull, secretary of Homeland Security. Paull believes there is a mole in the organization working for the criminal mastermind known as the Syrian. He wants McClure to uncover the traitor. McClure has a personal stake since the woman he loves betrayed him to be with the Syrian. When Paull is murdered shortly after their meeting, McClure becomes the number-one suspect. Now he has to find the mole to prove his innocence. But when he confronts Annika, his former love, will he be able to hide his true feelings? For a novel with such a great setup, nothing much happens beyond an occasional steamy sex scene or someone being shot in the head. Still, Lustbader fans will enjoy the ride, if they don't think about it too much.--Ayers, Jeff Copyright 2010 Booklist