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In bestseller Bond's exciting fourth novel featuring aviator-turned-submariner Jerry Mitchell (after 2012's Exit Plan), Jerry commands the U.S.S. North Dakota, one of the most deadly attack submarines in the Navy. With expanded sonar capabilities, a new hull design, no periscope, and other updates, this is definitely not your father's submarine. Jerry and crew, while trailing a Chinese sub in the South China Sea, witness the sinking of a Vietnamese merchant ship, which is the first blow struck in what will become a shooting war between China and the Littoral Alliance: Vietnam, India, Japan, and several other Asian Rim countries. The U.S., in its neutral role, attempts to buy time to come up with a plan that will avert nuclear war. This is a classic submarine thriller, modern-style, with plenty of underwater action. As the politicos strategize, Jerry does what he does best-which is drive the sub and save the day. Agent: Robert Gottlieb, Trident Media. (May) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Jerry Mitchell, Bond's hero in three previous adventures, now commands his own sub, the USS North Dakota. While trailing a Chinese nuclear sub, Mitchell observes it torpedoing a Vietnamese ship. Soon Mitchell and his crew find themselves watching a war build up around them. Orders from high say they can only observe, and they cannot fire on another vessel, even if it means their own destruction. They can only hope the situation can be resolved diplomatically before the entire globe burns. Bond has plenty of military background, and his novels ooze authenticity, but readers expecting an action-packed novel along the lines of Vince Flynn will be disappointed. This one is more about realism and the nuances of military power than explosions and high-tech derring-do. Still, those who like their military thrillers grounded in the real world will be eager for another story featuring Mitchell and his crew.--Ayers, Jeff Copyright 2010 Booklist