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Migratory movements have been a persistent component of the human condition, and motivation for migration has varied considerably over time and with respect to the world's constantly shifting political and economic realities. This excellent book provides a broad history of migration. On the negative side, many migrants have been compelled to move because of the ravages of war or of various forms of ethnic or religious persecution. On a more positive note, many more migrants have moved to pursue some economic advantage. Following the historical treatment, the authors, UK scholars, focus on modern times and the future. The usual motivations for migration are still very much in evidence, but different factors are changing the scenario. World population continues to expand, but demographics are shifting in that most "developed" nations are aging rapidly and will require youthful infusions of labor. Also, the explosive spread of information technology means that potential migrants are much better informed about more profitable locations. This excellent book elaborates on all these ideas and concludes with "A Global Migration Agenda," itself required reading for anyone interested in the future implications of this most compelling of human activities. Summing Up: Highly recommended. All readership levels. J. R. McDonald emeritus, Eastern Michigan University