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Former college professor Pinkerton presents high school students (and returning adult students) with clear facts about college and dispels many myths associated with higher education in modern America. Those myths include that college is something everyone must do, that everyone can be good at everything if they work hard enough, and that the only good education is an Ivy League education. Pinkerton advises students with unclear ambitions to look for a college that will make them well-rounded individuals and strong critical thinkers, and urges students with clear goals to consider pre-professional or vocational programs. Pinkerton is unabashedly opinionated and extremely brusque in his writing style--readers may be turned off by his abrasiveness. While some of his candor is refreshing, Pinkerton's relentless attitude (as well as his occasionally meandering prose) will likely turn some readers away. Although Pinkerton provides a few good resources for students, he is not providing information that parents and students can't get in a host of other places. (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.