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Wealthy Chicagoan Jenna, 42, loses all sense of identity when Aimee, her best friend and former business partner, dies. Aimee also left an unusual codicil in her will, appointing Jenna to oversee her husband, now widower, Wayne's finances for one year. Wayne has few social skills and no financial sense, and Jenna frequently argues with Aimee in her mind as Wayne smashes things at events, buys her a huge dog, and invites her to comic-book-store ­parties. Jenna's smooth lawyer boyfriend loses patience, but Jenna begins to realize Wayne's many good points are actually good for her, too, and they find their way through grief together. Food references and recipes round out this unique and satisfying story which slowly gains momentum like a carefully cooked meal. Foodie fiction fans and Kate Jacobs' readers will enjoy this.--Alessio, Amy Copyright 2010 Booklist