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At the start of Agatha-winner Hart's whimsical fourth novel featuring departed spirit Bailey Ruth Raeburn (after 2010's Ghost at Work), Bailey Ruth of heaven's Department of Good Intentions arrives at the Adelaide, Okla., home of video-game millionaire Nick Magruder just in time to prevent a gunman from shooting him. Since the shade of Nick's doting Aunt Dee engineered this mission on the sly, Bailey Ruth must operate on earth without her otherworldly powers. When Nick is accused of a murder, she must rely on her wits alone to clear him. Though not fully developed, the secondary characters have some amusing quirks, and even the villain, who's not readily identifiable, has a certain charm. The well-constructed plot offers an ample supply of red herrings. Fans of benign ghosts such as those in Blithe Spirit and Topper will find a lot to like. Agent: Deborah Schneider, Gelfman Schneider. (Oct.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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This is award-winning mystery author Hart's fourth novel featuring Bailey Ruth. She is an emissary from heaven who returns to her small hometown to help people, but the usual protocol has been bypassed by a ghost who wants Bailey to aid the ghost's troubled nephew, Nick. She sends the unwitting Bailey, who, because of the breach in protocol, is stripped of her usual powers once she arrives. Bailey pushes Nick out of the way when someone shoots at him, but she has no money, identification, or even clothes, which hampers her investigation into discovering who wants him dead. Nick resents Bailey's help even after realizing his Aunt Dee sent her. The greedy Cole tries to blackmail Nick so he can have the land that Nick wanted to buy, but Cole is killed by a rifle when the two get into an argument. Nick is the main suspect, and Aunt Dee comes to Earth to help Bailey clear him, resulting in a fun partnership. History and hidden treasure add interesting elements to the plot. Fans of Sue Ann Jaffarian's Ghost of Granny Apples series will also enjoy this entry in an amusing, clever series..--Alessio, Amy Copyright 2010 Booklist