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In the twenty-second volume of the Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter novels, Hamilton keeps the horror churning while returning to the emphasis on relationships that made her the original queen of paranormal romance. A sheriff in Colorado, the estranged father of her beloved Micah (a were-leopard and leader of the Coalition), is dying from a zombie bite. The story seems unbelievable, but Anita, in her role as a U.S. marshal in the preternatural branch, ends up going after a new type of fast zombie with a bite that causes victims to start rotting from the outside in. These zombies also have the ability to keep on going even when shot to pieces. Heck, they can even reassemble themselves when cut up like confetti. Edward, another marshal, turns up, wondering why he wasn't invited to the zombie apocalypse. BDSM and group sex are part of the story since Anita's powers are fed by it. It looks like Anita, her were-animal lovers, and the vampire king of St. Louis are taking their relationships to the next level in this cross-genre tale.--Tixier Herald, Diana Copyright 2010 Booklist