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An Iranian medical researcher, forced into applying his work on medical isotopes to nuclear weapons research, is dangerously close to perfecting a more powerful, cheaper nuclear bomb. The man's family is being held captive by the Iranian government so there's little chance he would ever defect, but the British (concerned about the possibility of Iran becoming a nuclear power) see a window of opportunity. The man is scheduled to be in Paris, and he happens to be acquainted with Sara Gideon, the intelligence agent who has recently joined the small band of operatives led by series hero Sean Dillon. Gideon and Dillon's mission: meet up with the man in Paris and convince him to turn over his research. Possibility of success: strong. Possibility of mishap leading to dire consequences and life-threatening danger: even stronger. This is another sturdy action thriller with political overtones from one of the masters of the genre. Fans of the long-running Dillon series will flock to this latest entry, and the reappearance of Sara Gideon (who was introduced in 2012's A Devil Is Waiting) injects the book with some serious new energy. Good stuff.--Pitt, David Copyright 2010 Booklist

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Iran is on the verge of making a nuclear bomb that "is cheap and four times as effective as anything else on the planet" in bestseller Higgins's timely 20th thriller featuring Sean Dillon, the former IRA enforcer turned British black ops agent. The unwilling mastermind behind the bomb is French-Iranian Simon Husseini, whose work on medical isotopes led to his forced research into nuclear weapons. Husseini's elderly mother and invalid 40-year-old daughter are under house arrest in Tehran to ensure his cooperation. When Husseini manages to escape to Iraq using a false passport, it is up to Lt. Col. Declan Rashid, the military attache at Iran's London embassy, to recapture him. Meanwhile, Dillon and Capt. Sara Gideon, introduced in 2012's A Devil Is Waiting, set out to rescue Husseini, free his family members, and bring him to England. Higgins, with his usual panache, follows a well-established and successful formula that should please fans. Agent: Ed Victor, Ed Victor Literary Agency (U.K.). (Dec.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.