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*Starred Review* A serial killer who finds his victims preferably two at a time at interstate-highway rest stops takes a shine to FBI Special Agent Maggie O'Dell and starts leaving her clues. A map left in Maggie's burned-down house in the Washington, D.C., area sends her, with partner R. J. Tully, to a deserted farm in Sioux City, Iowa. Here, with the help of Ryder Creed's cadaver-hunting dog, they find one of the killer's prime dumping grounds, as the perpetrator himself watches. Then comes a clue from Manhattan, Kansas, where a college student who survived the killer is terrorized by his memory of his best friend being savagely murdered and threats of what could happen to him. In her eleventh Maggie O'Dell entry, Kava shows mastery in constructing a plot with nonstop action, covering a time span of just over a week, with suspense rising to a nearly unbearable level in a climax in the Florida backwaters. Maggie is indomitable slogging through mud or water in search of clues and perps, inured to the sight of decapitated or eviserated bodies, cool in facing a canny killer with a loyal supporting cast and hints of a new romantic interest. Prime escapism for thriller fans with strong stomachs.--Leber, Michele Copyright 2010 Booklist

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In bestseller Kava's 11th hair-raising thriller featuring FBI agent Maggie O'Dell (after 2012's Fireproof), Maggie and her partner, R.J. Tully, pursue a vicious serial killer who likes to torment his victims before doing them in. The killer appears to haunt interstate truck stops and rest stops, but aside from that meager clue, Maggie and Tully struggle to discern a pattern, even after discovering his barnyard dumping ground in rural Iowa. What's worse, they don't realize that the killer may already know all about Maggie. Their search takes them to a lucky but traumatized college student, who barely escaped from the killer with his life, while handsome Ryder Creed and Creed's trained K-9 dogs also lend their assistance. Kava adds a human touch to the heart-thumping chase, and though sharp-eyed readers may foresee the predictable twists, this won't take away from their enjoyment. 6-city author tour. (July) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.