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Fashion designer Timmie O'Neill runs a thriving empire, but she is all alone. After being orphaned as a girl, then losing her child to illness and her husband to divorce, she's terrified of being abandoned until an emergency appendectomy during her Paris ready-to-wear shows brings French doctor Jean-Charles Vernier into her life. The two fall for each other immediately, sharing desires they've never shared with anyone else, but Jean-Charles is trapped in a floundering marriage. When he's finally ready to divorce, his estranged wife is diagnosed with cancer, and Timmie is left alone again, this time with the secret that she's carrying his child. Timmie is an intriguing heroine because her private anxieties and public success are at odds, and she doesn't find peace until her late forties. Steel is one of the world's most popular authors, and this poignant romance is sure to thrill her many loyal fans and reach many new readers, too.--Walker, Aleksandra Copyright 2010 Booklist