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In the latest in Daheim's Alpine series, set in the Pacific Northwest, Emma Lord, publisher of the small-town paper the Alpine Advocate, tries to enjoy her engagement to Sheriff Milo Dodge, but their hectic lives prevent a normal existence. Murder complicates matters further when municipal worker Wayne Eriks is found dead; early signs indicate electrocution and a possible accident, but that changes eventually to poisoning and murder. Other problems bedevil the not-so-idyllic hamlet: Vida in the newsroom is upset that her grandchild's future is in jeopardy after an old case takes a new turn; the reporters are excited about the opening of RestHaven, a new rehab center, but some mysterious happenings and staff members' actions cause concern; a rumor of pornography at the high school has chins wagging as well. The many characters and family threads will be familiar to series readers but do confuse the plot a bit. There are two more installments in the hopper, which should please Daheim followers.--Alessio, Amy Copyright 2010 Booklist