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*Starred Review* The war between humans and the Breed has been over for almost two decades, but Mira, a squad captain for the Order Breed warriors dedicated to protecting vampires and humans alike struggles to keep her anger in check ever since Kellan Archer, a fellow Breed warrior and Mira's one true love, was killed by rebels. Every once in a while her blood boils for revenge, so when she spots rebel-sympathizer Rooster skulking around Boston late one night, she follows him. As a result of their subsequent altercation, she is temporarily relieved of her command and given the task of escorting reclusive human scientist Dr. Jeremy Ackmeyer to the Global Nations Council Peace Summit in Washington, D.C. Upon arriving at Ackmeyer's fortresslike home, Mira discovers someone else has been there first. Taken hostage by the kidnappers, Mira is in for an even greater shock when she discovers the identity of their leader. The eleventh installment in Adrian's strikingly original Midnight Breed series delivers an abundance of nail-biting suspenseful chills, red-hot sexy thrills, an intricately built world, and realistically complicated and conflicted protagonists, whose happily-ever-after ending proves to be all the sweeter after what they endure to get there.--Charles, John Copyright 2010 Booklist