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*Starred Review* There is a reason that legions of Macomber fans ask for more Blossom Street books. They fully engage her readers as her characters discover happiness, purpose, and meaning in life. The ninth title, which stands well alone, focuses on Libby Morgan, a driven attorney who has eschewed everything and everybody in her pursuit of a partnership. Summoned to the managing partner's office expecting a well-deserved promotion, she is devastated to be laid off and told to enjoy life. After fruitless months looking for a new job in a bad economy, she joins a gym and reconnects with an old law-school friend. At A Good Yarn, she reconnects with the love of knitting she had learned from her mother, who died when Libby was 13, and makes friends, including 13-year-old Ava, who recently lost her mother. An errand takes Libby to the hospital, where she is recruited to rock newborn babies and where she meets heart-of-stone Dr. Phillip Stone, who has also seen his devotion to work wipe out any personal life. Macomber's feel-good novel, emphasizing interpersonal relationships and putting people above status and objects, is truly satisfying.--Tixier Herald, Diana Copyright 2010 Booklist

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Macomber's latest (after The Inn at Rose Harbor) is a by-the-numbers tale of midlife crisis and renewal. High-powered attorney Libby Morgan has abandoned her friends and marriage in order to make partner at her firm. One morning, in the sixth year of her eight-year partnership track, her boss lets her go, offering Libby some advice: "take this time to find some balance in life." Rather than following his advice, Libby looks for another job, but soon decides to reconnect with old friend Robin and take up knitting again, which leads her to Ava, a troubled, pregnant teen. Helping Ava leads Libby to Dr. Phillip Stone, another workaholic attempting to re-evaluate his life. Libby decides to open her own law practice, which would give her time to spend with Stone, Ava, and her friend. But when a tantalizing offer comes from her old firm, she may drop everything and return to her old ways. While the narrative thread of Ava's pregnancy is an unexpected addition, Libby and Stone are archetypes who come with no surprises. Readers have read this story too many times. Theresa Park, Park Literary. (Apr.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.