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Four years after the first lady shoots the president and then herself, a woman in northern Virginia wakes up one morning, looks in the mirror, and sees a face that isn't hers. How could this be? As she thinks back on her life, Lizette realizes that there's a two-year gap in her recent memory. As she makes this discovery and works to recover her memories of those years, her handlers are starting to panic as they pick up her agitated mutterings via the bugs they've placed in her house. If she remembers everything that happened before they wiped her mind, the handlers will all be in deep trouble. Her former lover and now anonymous protector, Xavier, also knows what her awakening mind means: those who erased her memories will now want to kill her. Saving Lizette means going against protocol and aligning himself with what his superiors see as the wrong side. As usual, veteran Howard, the queen of romantic suspense, gives readers a roller-coaster ride of action, intrigue, and love.--Henshaw, Pat Copyright 2010 Booklist