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Dense and dazzling with complex story lines, compelling characters, and universe-spanning drama, Hamilton's latest offering is a satisfying conclusion to the Void trilogy (The Dreaming Void; The Temporal Void). Araminta is destined to provide an alternate route to the next plane of existence, where time is mutable. Ilanthe is determined to control the path to enlightenment. Edeard can manipulate time for his planet and he tries to do so judiciously, struggling with the burdens of leadership, growing and grieving as he must lose what he holds dear in order to achieve the greater good. His efforts prove pivotal in resolving the battle between Araminta's flight for freedom and Ilanthe's grab for power. With intimate storytelling threads woven through a grand tapestry of epic adventure, the tale will be a struggle for new readers, but will captivate returning fans who can dive right in. (Sept.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

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As the story of the Void draws to a close, Hamilton takes up an extraordinary number of threads. Araminta, who has evaded pursuit thus far, comes back from the Silfen paths with a risky plan. Earth, and therefore ANA, is trapped behind a force field. Ilanthe, aims to fuse with the Void and create her own twisted utopia. Gore Burnelli and the Delivery Man seek out the Anomine's means of transcendence. Edeard, in Inigo's dreams, finally gets it right, and Querencia is fulfilled. Inigo and Araminta are finally brought together at the Spike. Inigo at last reveals his final dream, of Querencia after Edeard's ascension. Paula Myo and the Cat finally square off in an epic battle. While Living Dream adherents plan their pilgrimage, others including the Raiel plan their flight from this galaxy, and some will fight to the very end. Eventually, the scattered threads join in the Heart of the Void, where the truth about Makkrathan's origins and the Void itself is revealed. It's an altogether satisfying conclusion to the epic, and one of Hamilton's strongest outings yet: a spectacular space opera.--Schroeder, Regina Copyright 2010 Booklist