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Disgraced, conservative talk show host Jack Hatfield, the hero of conservative talk show host Savage's debut thriller, Abuse of Power (2011), battles a Chinese diplomat/spy in this mildly diverting follow-up. Stationed in San Francisco, Jing Jintao is on a personal mission to wreak havoc on the U.S. using a portable EMP-electromagnetic pulse device-that can disable planes, helicopters, cars, and pretty much everything else that uses computers and electricity. Lending Jack a hand are aging "unrepentant leftist hippie" Abe Cohen and ex-Special Forces warrior Doc Matson, with whom Jack shares "a love of wine and a distaste for doctrinaire leftists." Jintao is also plotting to release a bioweapon in San Francisco. Besides dealing with both of these threats, Jack must bring down billionaire industrialist Richard Hawke, whose company invented the EMP device and sold it to the Chinese. Readers who approve of Savage's conservative views will be pleased; those who don't will probably be annoyed. (Feb.) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Conservative talk-show host Savage plays on the political beliefs of his core listeners in this sequel to Abuse of Power (2011). Jack Hatfield was a popular host of a show called Truth Busters when a leftist conspiracy smeared him and cost him his job. Even though his career seems ruined, he is still able to get help when he needs it from key people in both government and law-enforcement agencies. A helicopter carrying U. S. Navy SEALs crashes in Afghanistan, and a friend of Hatfield's receives a threat. Hatfield must intercede to stop the deployment of a dangerous bioweapon that could kill millions. Of course, it's a liberal agenda that threatens the world, and only conservatism can save it. Savage's novel will appeal to his fan base, but the lumbering narrative will leave readers looking for a gripping thriller unsatisfied.--Ayers, Jeff Copyright 2010 Booklist