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Kan and Yu's trite latest (after China Dolls) stars Sarah Cho, a Manhattan bartender/would-be actress with more fantasies than auditions. When she happens to luck into meeting Daniel Wong, the producer of Sarah's favorite soap opera, and he invites her to L.A. for the series' 25th anniversary party, she books a flight and her dreams begin to look more like reality. Amazingly, Daniel is romantically interested, agents are professionally interested, and Sarah's career appears to be taking off. Of course, she must choose between her California dreams and her struggling actor friends back in New York. Unfortunately, the dialogue, characters, and plot never rise above blase; Sarah's success is never in doubt; and the authors miss nearly every opportunity to find genuine humor. (May) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved

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Sarah Cho, the heroine of Kan and Yu's second novel, following China Dolls (2007), longs to be a soap-opera actress, but feels like she's being held back by her two jobs and her critical family. When she meets Daniel Wong, the dashing producer of her favorite sudser, Asylum, Sarah is totally smitten. After accepting an invite to go to an Emmy party with him in Hollywood, Sarah makes an impulsive decision to move from New York City to Los Angeles to pursue her dream career. In order to assuage her family's doubts, she tells them she's already landed a role on Asylum. When Sarah arrives in L.A., she's disappointed to find that the casting directors she met at the Emmy party aren't calling her back, and Daniel, though willing to sleep with her, isn't ready to commit or help her land a job. A perfect beach read for soap-opera lovers and wannabe starlets looking for a story about a struggling actress trying to make it.--Huntley, Kristine Copyright 2010 Booklist