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Steinberg is a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times. Born in Ohio, he has spent more than 30 years living in and around Chicago. He has written a rambling, deeply felt tribute to his adopted city. His narrative, if it can be called that, lacks structure, which can be both disconcerting and entertaining. He makes rapid shifts in space, time, and topic. He moves, for example, from discussing contemporary politics to the founding of the city and from the architectural majesty of the skyline to the culinary delights of local restaurants. Despite his long residence in the city and its suburbs, Steinberg feels and writes as an outsider, which allows him to see and describe aspects of Chicago from a fresh and enthusiastic perspective. At times, his breezy, breathless tone suggests an enthralled tourist. This is a well-done paean to a diverse, vibrant metropolis.--Freeman, Jay Copyright 2010 Booklist