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Early in this romance-heavy stand-alone from bestseller Lowell (Beautiful Sacrifice), L.A. homicide detective Tanner Davis returns to the rugged Nevada ranch country of his youth to settle the estate of his late uncle, Lorne Davis. Tanner isn't exactly looking for love-or murder-but both are very much in the cards. In fact, just a bit of digging in Refuge, Nev., raises Tanner's suspicions about his uncle's demise, while just a few minutes with smoking hot Shaye Townsend-one of those with potentially the most to gain from Lorne's death-arouses, well, let's say other areas. Predictably, much sexual tension ensues between the love-scarred duo as they warily join forces for an increasingly dangerous investigation. Despite Lowell's limited descriptive vocabulary, Tanner, Shaye, Lorne, and many of the other characters ring true, and the action concludes with an exciting chase through a desolate Sierra Nevada terrain of abandoned mine shafts and aborted dreams. Agent: Dominick Abel, Dominick Abel Literary Agency. (May) (c) Copyright PWxyz, LLC. All rights reserved.

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Although at times formulaic, Lowell's (Beautiful Sacrifice, 2012) latest touches on issues plaguing the West. After crusty Nevada rancher Lorne Davis dies, his nephew and only living relative, Tanner, an L.A. homicide detective, comes to the funeral and reading of the will. Tanner learns his uncle was about to disinherit him and give the ranch to a nature conservancy. But while Shayne, the uncle's conservancy contact, was out of town, Shayne's boss presented Lorne with a contract he didn't like and refused to sign. When Tanner visits the ranch and finds Lorne's stash of gold coins missing, he becomes suspicious about Lorne's seemingly natural death. While the will is probated, Tanner shares his thoughts with Shayne, and together they begin to look into Lorne's last days. Using many of the standard cliches of romantic suspense, many of which she used in the 1990s, Lowell builds a love story between two independent people who ultimately love the land but must defeat a killer to keep it.--Henshaw, Pat Copyright 2010 Booklist