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Brand-new readers will get a kick out of this I Can Read! Level 2 story about a poor chicken who just wants to help. Friends Earl and Pearl are planting pumpkins, but every time they turn around there's a big white chicken. The word shoo becomes an integral part of the text, as the kids try to get rid of the chicken as they plant and water. Then one day the grasshoppers come, and no matter how Earl and Pearl try to shoo them away, these nibblers hold their ground and pose a problem for the pumpkins. Enter the chicken, who with flapping wings has a much more effective shooing style. The text is as simple as it can be, but together with the amusing ink-and-watercolor art, all sorts of emotions are aired: annoyance, dejection, frustration, and jubilation when the pumpkins are spared. An amusing choice for new readers.--Cooper, Ilene Copyright 2008 Booklist