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Reviewed with Don Nardo's Extraterrestrial Life0 . Gr. 4-8. These titles in the Mystery Library series admirably separate the facts from the murky speculation that surrounds their subjects. Fortune-Telling0 begins with a brief but fascinating survey of ancient theories of time and relates them to current beliefs about viewing the future. Later chapters delve into the history and practice of various means of prediction, including palm reading, tarot cards, and astrology. A final section about clairvoyance includes a mention (and a photograph) of the World Trade Center's collapse, which some claim to have predicted. Extraterrestrial Life0 presents a fine introduction to the legitimate scientific search for life beyond Earth, offering clear, timely explanations of why Mars could support life. Nardo handles reports of extraterrestrial encounters (including some of a sexual nature) with tact and balanced skepticism. The artists' renderings of aliens may give some readers the giggles, but the black-and-white images from sf movies enhance the readable text. Notes and suggested readings round out these useful titles for reports or personal interest. --Gillian Engberg Copyright 2004 Booklist