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This large-format book tackles a common problem in a straightforward manner. Aimed at the student who has put off choosing a science project for way too long, the book offers plenty of experiments that can be conducted in a short time using common household materials. In a sensible move, the ideas are arranged in chapters according to the time available: those that take a week or two, those that require just a few days, and those that can be done in a day or less. Each project appears on a double-page spread that includes one or more key words, the basic question to be answered, the hypothesis, the procedure, the results (a section that raises questions rather than providing answers), display tips, and 'extension questions" that can be explored by making alterations to the experiment. At least one clear, colorful photo or drawing appears on each spread. Sure to find an audience when the science fair looms; a reassuring, practical guide.--Phelan, Carolyn Copyright 2007 Booklist