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Holldobler and Wilson provide a comprehensive synthesis of ant biology ranging from anatomy, physiology, and ecology to the role of pheromones in influencing behavior and the social structure of the colony. A taxonomic key allows identification of ants worldwide. Specific chapters focus on natural history, social organization, modes of communication, foraging strategies, and symbiotic relationships. Other sections examine the biology of army ants, leaf-cutting fungus growers, harvesting ants, and weaver ants. This large-format book is abundantly illustrated with black-and-white photographs, line drawings, graphs, and tables. An exquisite addition to the book is a series of full-page color plates. A 64-page bibliography and an extensive glossary enhance the book's utility as a reference. The Ants, destined to be a classic treatise, continues E.O. Wilson's outstanding series of books that includes The Insect Societies (CH, May'72) and Sociobiology (CH, Nov.75). Will appeal to both the general reader and the researcher. Every public and academic library should have a copy. -R. E. Lee Jr., Miami University (OH)