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With wit and imagination, this year's Caldecott winner, David Macaulay, plays with children and books in his handsome watercolor illustrations for the cover, frontispiece, and chapter openings of the new edition of a classic children's literature textbook. While the best of the old has been kept, everything's been brought right up to date, from the discussions of touchstone books and major authors and illustrators to the comprehensive bibliographies and appendixes of book awards, selection aids, etc. There's more full-color art of high quality; the boxed "Viewpoints" throughout offer a wide range of opinions; and the "Areas and Issues" section, edited by Peggy Sullivan, has been extensively revised with a strong focus on literature-centered classroom activities and world cultures. As always, the book is a joy to use for the intelligence of the criticism, the grace and clarity of the style, and the accessibility of the design. ~--Hazel Rochman