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Gr. 5-8. In a breezy, informative manner, Nye conducts readers on a whirlwind tour of science, including subjects such as the scientific method, matter, fundamental forces, heat, light, electricity, magnetism, waves, weather, and space. The breathless pace doesn't leave much time to dig into a particular subject, but Nye communicates well in the space allotted. Zippy black-and-white drawings and occasionally zany photographs of the author give the pages an informal look. Kids turned off by more conventional books may pick up some of the basics of science here because Nye, Emmy Award-winning host of "Disney Presents Bill Nye, the Science Guy," communicates in such an accessible style that learning is only a little more labor intensive than listening. Is science a blast, as the title suggests? In this entertaining format, it is. ~--Carolyn Phelan