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Inches off! Your Tummy


Jorge Cruise unleashes his new fitness and weight-loss series with one simple piece of advice: Work smarter, not harder. With his revolutionary 5-Minute Fitness Formula and 6-Day Challenge, he shatters the conventional wisdom that rapid, lasting weight loss can only be achieved through hours and hours in the gym, day after day.

In Inches Off Your Tummy, Jorge unveils the most effective exercise formula to optimize belly-fat burn all day--using compound exercises to hit virtually every muscle in the body with each rep--while also showing readers how to avoid the hidden sugars in foods that signal their bodies to store fat. The outcome: Visible results in 6 days, exercising just 5 minutes per day.

With more than 6 million books in print and 3 million online weight-loss clients via JorgeCruise.com, Jorge Cruise is one of the most successful fitness and diet authors on the planet--and his newest book franchise launches now.
"Jorge Cruise has answers that really work and take almost no time. I recommend them highly."--Andrew Weil, MD
"Jorge Cruise sets you up to win "--Anthony Robbins

Author Notes
  Jorge Cruise struggled with his weight as a child and young man. Now he's one of the world's foremost experts on fitness and weight loss. He's the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Belly Fat Cure and the 8 Minutes in the Morning series. He's appeared on Oprah, The Dr. OzShow, Good Morning America, and The View.