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Death of Yesterday

From the author of the Agatha Raisin television series..."DEATH OF YESTERDAY: A Hamish Macbeth MysteryWhen a local woman tells Sergeant Hamish Macbeth that she doesn't remember what happened the previous evening, he doesn't begin to worry. She had been out drinking, after all, and he'd prefer not to be bothered with such an arrogant and annoying woman. But when her body is discovered, Hamish is forced to investigate a crime that the only known witness--now dead--had forgotten.

  Hamish Macbeth mystery
1Death of a gossip
2Death of a cad
3Death of an outsider
4Death of a perfect wife
5Death of a hussy
6Death of a snob
7Death of a prankster
8Death of a glutton
9Death of a travelling man
10Death of a charming man
11Death of a nag
12Death of a macho man
13Death of a dentist
14Death of a scriptwriter
15Death of an addict
16A Highland Christmas
17Death of a dustman
18Death of a celebrity
19Death of a village
20Death of a poison pen
21Death of a bore
22Death of a dreamer
23Death of a maid
24Death of a gentle lady
25Death of a witch
26Death of a Valentine
27Death of a chimney sweep
28Death of a kingfisher
29Death of yesterday