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Becoming a U. S. Citizen

Seeking citizenship? Here's everything you need to know!
The path from green card to U.S. citizenship can be a long and winding one -- and bureaucratic hassles are inevitable. But with Becoming a U.S. Citizen, you can shave months or years off the time it takes to become a citizen. Find out how to:
. determine your eligibility
. make sure you won't risk deportation by applying
. prepare your application packet
. study for the citizenship exam
. have a successful interview
. appeal the exam and deal with setbacks
. help family members immigrate
. enjoy your status as a U.S. citizen
Becoming a U.S. Citizen also shows how you may be able to take advantage of special procedures if you are disabled, in the military, the spouse of a U.S. citizen, or have other special circumstances.
This revised edition reflects current and proposed laws, as well as new fees and procedures. Plus, learn about new rules governing naturalization through Armed Forces service, and get the most up-to-date contact information available.

Author Notes
  Ilona Bray began practicing immigration law because of her concern with international human rights issues. She is the author of Fianc Marriage Visas and U.S. Immigration Made Easy, both published by Nolo.