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Patent Searching Made Easy

Written by inventor David Hitchcock, this unique book explains step by step how to use an Internet browser to search U.S. patents It discusses how to classify an invention properly, and then, using that classification, find all relevant patents issued since 1971.Packed with helpful advice, Patent Searching Made Easy explains how to: conduct a full patent search in one of the 80 Patent and Trademark Depository Libraries (located in virtually every state)determine what resources are available for searching for patents filed in foreign countriesverify the patent status of ideas submitted to local businesses for developmentuse feebased patent search services on the Internet. This edition now includes information on searching the new Full Text Database on the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office's Web site, which gives readers more options for searching on the Internet as well as more patent information than was previously available

Author Notes
  David Hitchcock is a physicist and engineer who has worked as a computer consultant on such diverse projects as the MX missile, the Miistar satellite program and advanced capability torpedoes. He has focused on patent searching and new technology for a number of years. Hitchcock is the inventor of the Home Fire ShieldTM, a device to protect homes from wildfires.