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Nolo's Patents for Beginners

Do you toil away in an office, garage or basement lab in the hopes of bringing a new googaw to life? What will you do when the thingamajig is alive and kicking? Here's the primer every firsttime inventor needs. Packed with plainEnglish explanations and stepbystep instructions, Nolo's Patent for Beginners defines clearly and simply what a patent is and why you need one. The book shows you: how to document an invention for maximum protectionhow to tackle the timeandmoneysaving, patentsearching processthe patent application processwho owns a patenthow to avoid patent infringement. Written by patent attorney and bestselling author David Pressman and Attorney Richard Stim, Nolo's Patent for Beginners is the book to have for newbie inventors wishing to learn the patent basics.

Author Notes
  David Pressman, a former patent examiner, professor and attorney, is the author of Patent It Yourself, the world's bestselling patent book. Richard Stim is an intellectual property attorney and the author of Nolo's Profit From Your Idea.