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Frozen Heat


Hot on the heels of Richard Castles #1 "New York Times" bestseller "Heat Rises" comes the fourth novel in the Nikki Heat series, "Frozen Heat." Nikki Heat and Jameson Rook are together again, facing an unsolved murder mystery that has haunted Nikki for ten years.

NYPD Homicide Detective Nikki Heat arrives at her latest crime scene to find an unidentified woman stabbed to death and stuffed inside a suitcase left on a Manhattan street. Nikki is in for a big shock when this new homicide connects to the unsolved murder of her own mother. Paired once again with her romantic and investigative partner, top journalist Jameson Rook, Heat works to solve the mystery of the body in the suitcase while she is forced to confront unexplored areas of her mothers background.

Facing relentless danger as someone targets her for the next kill, Nikkis search will unearth painful family truths, expose a startling hidden life, and cause Nikki to reexamine her own past. Heats passionate quest takes her and Rook from the back alleys of Manhattan to the avenues of Paris, trying to catch a ruthless killer. The question is, now that her mothers cold case has unexpectedly thawed, will Nikki Heat finally be able to solve the dark mystery that has been her demon for ten years?

NameHeat, Nikki
OccupationHomicide detective

NameRook, Jameson

    --Women sleuths
    --Police procedural
Book tie-in
    --TV show
TopicsMurder investigations
Stabbing deaths
Unsolved murders
Related crimes
Family secrets
Search for truth
Death of a parent
Unidentified bodies
Hidden identities
SettingNew York