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Mike Leonard, NBC News correspondent: "This is storytelling at its best. With insight, compassion and humor Peter Nolan turns a semi-forgotten big city mayoral battle into a riveting and timeless tale of human behavior...the good and the bad."
From the Foreword by F. Richard Ciccone, Author of "Daley: Power and Presidential Politics" and "Mike Royko: A Life in Print;" former Managing Editor of the "Chicago Tribune: " "In "Campaign , " veteran newsman Peter Nolan, who covered all the players in the 1983 contest, has written a first-hand account of not only the key participants, the candidates and their top supporters, but also of relatively unknown election workers who invested their time and passions in a way not seen since in Chicago politics. Nolan does not shy from inserting himself into the story where it warrants. His tale of being recruited by Epton as potential City Hall press secretary is only one of the anecdotes that reflects on how unusual the campaign seemed...This is a book that every Chicago politician ought to keep under his pillow...There is never enough history, and this is a nice slice of it."

TopicsPolitical campaigns
Political parties
Local politics
American history
SettingChicago, Illinois