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Eat, Nap, Play

Rock Your Routine and Be the Happiest Mommy on the Block

Moms will concur--routines and creative ideas help your day and save your sanity. And once you've established a routine that works, the inclination is to stick with it until the kids are off to college. But sometimes the rigidity of a 'tight ship' doesn't allow much time for good-old fashioned, spur-of-the-moment fun. Well, hang on to your itinerary because here comes Eat, Nap, Play

Written by moms for moms, this timely guide centers on back-to-basics philosophies: spend quality time with your kids and spend less money. But this is not a guilt trip--it's a fun-filled adventure. Jam-packed with clever, cost-effective, low-maintenance, often nostalgic ideas you can easily slip into your existing routine, Eat, Nap, Play shows you how to turn everyday mayhem into precious moments to build memories, foster growth, strengthen bonds, and just have fun.

Author Notes
  Robyn Spizman is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of dozens of books on parenting, a nationally known media personality, and creator of TheGiftionary.com. A former art teacher, she has endless ideas for entertaining kids and endless inspiration for fellow moms. For more information visit www.robynspizman.com.
Evelyn Sacks is a mom and writer who, when her kids were young, never left the house without an old blanket in the car for a spur-of-the-moment picnic and a couple of gloves and a ball for an impromptu catch.