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Undead and Underwater

New York Times bestselling author MaryJanice Davidson continues to put her own unique spin on paranormal romance (Fallen Angel Reviews), and in this all-new anthology, she s three times as outrageous as ever before
Super, Girl
Meet Hailey Derry, human resources representative and round-the-clock superhero. Born with the ability to convert anything she eats into crime-fighting energy, Hailey is now faced with her toughest challenge: the sexy new hire who has a mad crush on her. But how does Hailey break the news that she s more of a Wonder Woman than he can imagine? She d better think of something fast, because letting this guy go would be a crime.
Undead and Underwater
Betsy, queen of the undead, and Fred, the dour could ve-been-a-princess mermaid, reluctantly team up to help a mutual friend in trouble. After all, a friend in need is a friend who, well, can really test your patience because Betsy and Fred aren t exactly BFFs. What they do have in common is the source of the problem: a man. And what s more troubling than love?
As leader of the Pack, it s Lara Wyndham s job to usher her breed to safety after the cataclysmic Kardashian Riots of 2025 and fend off the advances of Jack Gardner, a sexy Packer with alpha urges and a knack for getting into trouble. No matter how bad Lara wants it, she doesn t need it. Not that intoxicating scent of his, or his talented mouth, or that perfect ass. Then again "


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