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The Devil's Cave


Mystery, food, and wine in the French province of Dordogne--the latest offering from Martin Walker, featuring Benoit "Bruno" Courreges.
Its spring in St. Denis. The village choir is preparing for its Easter concert, the wildflowers are blooming, and among the lazy whorls of the river a dead woman is found floating in a boat. Its another case for Bruno, the towns cherished chief of police. With the discovery of sinister markings and black candles near the body, it seems to him that the occult might be involved. And as questions mount--regarding a troubling real estate proposal in the region; a suspicious, violent death made to look accidental; and the sudden reappearance of a politically controversial elderly countess--Bruno and his colleagues and friends are drawn ever closer to a climactic showdown in the Gouffre de Colombac: the place locals call the Devils Cave.

With the enchanting backdrop of Frances pastoral heartland, a cast of local characters as vibrant as their surroundings, enough sumptuous repasts to satisfy any literary gourmand, and a hero winningly capable of balancing the good life with a dogged dedication to solving the crimes that threaten it, "The Devils Cave" invites readers to raise a glass and turn the page.

  Bruno, Chief of Police
1Bruno, chief of police
2The Dark vineyard
3Black diamond
4The Crowded grave
5The Devil's cave
5.5Bruno and the carol singers
6The Resistance man
7The Children return