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Midnight at Marble Arch

In this superbly accomplished new Charlotte and Thomas Pitt adventure, Anne Perry takes us beneath the glittering surface of wealthy Victorian society into a nightmare world of fear and intimidation, where women are too often blamed for the violent attacks against them, and powerful men take what they want, leaving others to pay the price.
The horrifying rape and apparent suicide of Catherine Quixwood, wife of a wealthy merchant banker, falls outside the jurisdiction of new Special Branch head Thomas Pitt, but so pervasively offensive are the rumors about the victim that Pitt quietly takes a hand in the investigation.
Yet even with the help of his ingenious wife, Charlotte, and his former superior, Victor Narraway, Pitt is stumped. Why did high-minded, cultured Catherine choose not to accompany her husband to a grand party on the night of her demise? Why did she dismiss all her servants for the evening and leave the front door unlocked? What had been her relationship with the young man seen frequently by her side at concerts and art exhibits? And what can be done to avenge another terrible crime: the assault on Angeles Castelbranco, beloved teenage daughter of the Portuguese ambassador?
As an ordinary policeman, Pitt used to enter London's grand houses through the kitchen door. Now, as a guest in those same houses, can he find the steel in his soul to challenge the great men of the world with their crimes? The path to the truth takes him in deeply troubling directions, from the lofty world of international politics and finance to his own happy home, where his own teenage daughter, Jemima, is coming of age in a culture rife with hidden dangers.
In this rich, emotionally charged masterpiece, Anne Perry exposes yet another ugly secret of Victoria's proud empire. And in a courtroom battle of unparalleled brilliance, we thrill at the chance to witness a massive wrong righted.
Praise for "Midnight at Marble Arch"
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"Sweeping and scandalous . . . Perry has perfected a delicate touch."--"The New York Times Book Review"
"Fresh and vibrant . . . Perry captures Victorian England with flair, and her storyline is fascinating."--Wichita Falls" Times Record News"
"Perry is a master at illuminating the wrongs of the Victorian age."--"Booklist "(starred review)
"Bestselling author Perry continues her Charlotte and Thomas Pitt series with another splendid success. She is so familiar with life at this time that history, attitudes and culture are slipped in seamlessly so the reader sees the world as Victorians did. Not only are Inspector Pitt and his wife fully realized, their circle of friends and acquaintances also feel real and alive. This is a series to read from the beginning."--"RT Book Reviews "(Top Pick)
"May be Perry's] most intense and thrilling novel to date . . . "Midnight at Marble Arch" is stunning and insightful from start to finish."--Bookreporter
"This book is packed with intrigue."--The Huffington Post
"The monsters Anne Perry creates are not easy to live with, and their actions linger long after the book is closed."--New York Journal of Books
"Engrossing . . . intriguing . . . Perry does a nice job exploring late Victorian attitudes toward sex crimes."--"Publishers Weekly"

NamePitt, Thomas
OccupationPolice superintendent

NamePitt, Charlotte Ellison

    --Police procedural
    --Detective duo, Husband and wife
TopicsWealthy lifestyles
Victorian society
Suicidal thoughts
British culture
Murder investigations

  Charlotte and Thomas Pitt mystery
1The Cater Street hangman
2Callander Square
3Paragon Walk
4Resurrection Row
5Rutland Place
6Bluegate Fields
7Death in the Devil's Acre
8Cardington Crescent
9Silence in Hanover Close
10Bethlehem Road
11Highgate Rise
12Belgrave Square
13Farriers' Lane
14The Hyde Park headsman
15Traitor's Gate
16Pentecost Alley
17Ashworth Hall
18Brunswick Gardens
19Bedford Square
20Half Moon Street
21The Whitechapel conspiracy
22Southampton Row
23Seven dials
24Long Spoon Lane
25Buckingham Palace gardens
26Treason at Lisson Grove
27Dorchester terrace
28Midnight at Marble Arch
29Death on Blackheath