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Notorious Nineteen

No plot details-there never are on an Evanovich novel-but clearly Stephanie Plum is back after the million-copy-plus best seller Explosive Eighteen, and a big, bold marketing campaign is promised.

  Stephanie Plum series
1One for the money
2Two for the dough
3Three to get deadly
4Four to score
5High five
6Hot six
7Seven up
8Hard eight
9To the nines
Visions of sugar plums (novella)
10Ten big ones
11Eleven on top
12Twelve sharp
Plum lovin' (novella)
13Lean mean thirteen
Plum lucky (novella)
14Fearless fourteen
Plum spooky (novella)
15Finger lickin' fifteen
16Sizzling sixteen
17Smokin' seventeen
18Explosive eighteen
19Notorious nineteen
20Takedown twenty
21Top secret twenty-one
22Tricky twenty-two
23Turbo twenty-three
Double plum (collection)
24Hardcore twenty-four