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Get Rich with Twitter


Master today's most powerful marketing toolfor instant customer engagement!

Today's customers have no patience for a long-winded marketing pitch. What they wantis useful and engaging information--in 140 characters or less. The most successfulcampaigns these days are short, sweet, and right to the point.

Get Rich with Twitter reveals the secrets of using the most popular and fastest-growingmicroblogging tool to reach customers more effectively than ever before--at a fraction ofthe cost to you. Learn how to:

You don't need to do a big song and dance to get customers interested in your product.Simply give them a tweet. They'll hear you loud and clear.

Author Notes
  dennis L. prince is among the top ten "Online Movers and Shakers" named byVendio.com (formerlyAuctionWatch.com). He has been featured in Entrepreneur and Access magazines and has appeared on CNBC, BBC Radio, and C/Net Radio. Prince is the author of numerous books including How to Sell Anything on eBayand Make a Fortune! and How to Make Money with MySpace. He lives in Rocklin, CA.