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Proof of Guilt


Scotland Yards Ian Rutledge must contend with two dangerous enemies in this latest complex mystery in the New York Times bestselling series

London, summer 1920. An unidentified body appears to have been run down by a motorcar and Ian Rutledge is leading the investigation to uncover what happened. While the signs point to murder, vital questions remain: Who is the victim? And where, exactly, was he killed?

One small clue leads Rutledge to a firm built by two families, famous for producing and selling the worlds best Madeira wine. Lewis French, the current head of the English enterprise, is missing. But is he the dead man? And does either his fiancee or his jilted former lover have anything to do with his disappearance--or possible death? What about his sister? Or the London office clerk? Is Matthew Traynor, Frenchs cousin and partner who heads the Madeira office, somehow involved?

The experienced Rutledge knows that suspicion and circumstantial evidence are not proof of guilt, and hes going to keep digging for answers. But that perseverance will pit him against his supervisor, the new acting chief superintendent. When Rutledge discovers a link to an incident in the French familys past, the superintendent dismisses it, claiming the information isnt vital. Hes determined to place the blame on one of Frenchs women despite Rutledges objections. Alone in a no-mans-land rife with mystery and danger, Rutledge must tread very carefully, for someone has decided that he, too, must die so that cruel justice can take its course.

NameRutledge, Ian
OccupationScotland Yard inspector
World War I veteran

    --Detective, Professional
Unsolved murders
World War I
Cold cases
False identity
SettingLondon, England

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