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Ghost Wars

Comprehensively and for the first time, Pulitzer,Prize-winning journalist Steve Coll tells the,secret history of the CIA's role in Afghanistanfrom its covert programme against Soviet troops,from 1979-89, to the rise of the Taliban and the,emergence of bin Laden, to the secret efforts vy,CIA officers and their agents to capture or kill,bin Laden in Afghanistan after 1998. Based on,extensive firsthand accounts, Ghost Wars is the,inside story that goes well beyond anything,previously published on US involvement in,Afghanistan.

2004  New York Times Notable Books of the Year
2005  Pulitzer Prize
2005  Arthur Ross Book Awards
2004  Lionel Gelber Prize

Author Notes
  Winner of a 1990 Pulitzer Prize for explanatory journalism, Steve Coll has been managing editor of The Washington Post since 1998 and covered Afghanistan as the Post's South Asia bureau chief between 1989 and 1992. Coll is the author of four books, He lives with his wife and three children in Maryland