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When Luba Leaves Home

"It's 1968 and Luba Vovkovych is determined to join the world of real American college students. In Chicago, where she lives, this involves a look as well as a philosophy of protest. Luba grows her hair, buys a white lipstick, burns her bras, and carries her books in an Army surplus knapsack." "At her local college, she registers as Linda Vovkovych. And she invests in an ancient black Plymouth Valiant to carry her into a future far from her parents' home in Chicago's Ukrainian ghetto." "Her plans are undone by her own ambivalence. She can't quite turn her back on the family or the old neighborhood. Her nearly blind father needs rides to the doctor. Old Uncle Dutko, who lost his wife, needs a live-in sitter. The Saint Yosafat Ladies Auxiliary needs a chauffeur for the visiting widow of the greatest Ukranian nationalist poet since Shevchenko. Her friend, Pavlo, needs a nude model. It's not for nothing her mother named her Luba - Ukrainian for charity." "So Linda takes a backseat in the Valiant and Luba takes the wheel, headed to a new destination - somewhere between Ukraine and America."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

NameVovkovych, Luba
OccupationCollege student
TraitUkrainian American

Coming of age
TopicsYoung women
Cultural assimilation
New ways vs. old ways
Community life
Personal growth
SettingChicago, Illinois
Ukrainian neighborhood