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Color Me Dark

Eleven-year-old Nellie Lee Love records in her diary the events of 1919, when her family moves from Tennessee to Chicago, hoping to leave the racism and hatred of the South behind.

NameLove, Nellie Lee
TraitAfrican American

African Americans
Southern life
Community life
Racial identity
Racial differences
Racial superiority
Personal growth
Chicago, Illinois

  Early 20th century: dear America series
1Hear my sorrow
2Voyage on the great Titanic
3Color me dark
  Dear America series
1A Journey to the New World
2The Winter of red snow
3When will this cruel war be over?
4A Picture of freedom
5Across the wide and lonesome prairie
6So far from home
7I Thought my soul would rise and fly
8West to a land of plenty
9Dreams in the golden country
10Standing in the light
11Voyage on the great Titanic
12A Line in the sand
13My Heart is on the ground
14The Great railroad race
15A Light in the storm
16The Girl who chased away sorrow
17A Coal miner's bride
18Color me dark
19One eye laughing, the other weeping
20My Secret war
21Valley of the moon
22Seeds of hope
23Christmas after all
24Early Sunday morning
25My face to the wind
26Where have all the flowers gone?
27A Time for courage
28Mirror, mirror on the wall
29Survival in the storm
30When Christmas comes again
31Land of the buffalo bones
32Love thy neighbor
33All the stars in the sky
34Look to the hills
35I walk in dread
36Hear my sorrow
37The Fences between us
38Like the willow tree
39Cannons at dawn
40With the might of angels
41Behind the masks
42Down the rabbit hole