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Resurrection Men

"Inspector John Rebus has done it again. A few days into a murder inquiry following the brutal death of an Edinburgh art dealer, Rebus blows up at his superior, DCS Gill Templer, and is sent into exile: the remote Scottish Police College, where Rebus must undergo "retraining." And he is not alone. At the college, he joins a group of cops equally troubled by authority - the so-called Resurrection Men, granted one last chance to redeem themselves and save their careers. To learn the merits of teamwork, they're supposed to investigate a long-unsolved case." "But there are those on the team who have their own secrets - secrets connected to the very case they've been given - and they'll stop at nothing to protect them. As if that's not enough, the Scottish Crime Squad has a favor to ask of Rebus. They think they've found someone who can help them nail a notorious gangster who has controlled the Edinburgh criminal underground for years. All they need is someone to act as go-between - and they've decided on Rebus, whether he likes it or not." "Back in Edinburgh, with only a bumbling rookie at her side instead of her longtime mentor Rebus, newly promoted Detective Sergeant Siobhan Clarke works the case of the murdered art dealer, a case that takes a surprising turn toward the very gangster Rebus is pursuing. Soon Siobhan and Rebus find themselves in the thick of a scandal with conspirators in every corner of Scotland, men who have no problem spilling blood to get what they want."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

2003  New York Times Notable Books of the Year
2004  Edgar Awards (Edgar Allan Poe Awards)

NameRebus, John
OccupationDetective inspector

NameClarke, Siobhan
OccupationDetective sergeant

    --Police procedural
TopicsUnsolved crimes
Art dealers
Murder investigations
Organized crime
Undercover investigations
Police corruption
Cold cases
SettingEdinburgh, Scotland

  Inspector Rebus mystery
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