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At Large

"Josephine "Jo" Fuller faces her greatest challenge yet when she's caught up in the murder of Francesca Benedict Etheridge, the woman Jo's ex-husband left her for." "While checking out a women's job skill center to see if it is a worthy charity for her wealthy boss to support, Jo suspects that there's more going on there than helping women. Her investigation is put on hold, however, when her past walks into her present in the form of Teddy Etheridge, a humor book writer and Francesca's estranged husband. Jo and Teddy had bonded over a drunken night in Kathmandu while they waited for their spouses to return from a tryst. Teddy asks Jo to help him find his girlfriend, Lucille, a woman as full-bodied and voluptuous as Jo. During her search, Jo stumbles on the grisly murder of Francesca. Soon her ex-husband, sexy, world-renowned photographer/philanderer Griffin Fuller, is back in her life - as a murder suspect - and Mulligan, her current love interest, is not too happy about it." "Once again Jo's quirky, comfortable apartment house becomes center stage for the action when Maxine, the building manager, has her ex-con boyfriend move in with her. Could he be involved in Francesca's murder? Realizing that all of these strange pieces somehow fit together, Jo sets out to solve the puzzle."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

NameFuller, Josephine
OccupationsPrivate investigator
 Undercover investigator

    --Detective, Amateur
    --Women sleuths
Undercover investigations
Missing persons
False accusations
SettingSan Diego, California
Bremerton, Washington

  Josephine Fuller mystery
1Larger than death
2Large target
3At large
4A Ton of trouble