Chapter Excerpt

Monster Movie

“Do you want to watch a monster movie?” Robot asked.

“No,” Monkey said. “They scare me.”

“But it’s fun,” Robot said. “I like to be scared.”

“I don’t,” Monkey said. “It’s not fun to be scared. It’s only scary.”

“Let’s try it,” Robot said. “If you get scared, you can put the blanket over your head.”

“Okay,” Monkey said. He put the blanket over his head.

“The movie hasn’t started yet,” Robot said.

“I know,” Monkey said. He took the blanket off his head. “I was just practicing.”

Robot started the movie.

Monkey screamed and put the blanket over his head. “Stop the movie!” he said.

Excerpted from Monkey and Robot by Peter Catalanotto
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